Fire Force Season 2: Thrill & Excitement Awaited

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This anime television series is a Japanese series which is written by Atsushi Okubo, its first season was published by Kodansha on July 6, 2019. It has a total of 24 volumes and its director is Yuki Lease

In this story, the superhuman firefighter force is formed to fight with the supernatural fire catastrophe. This series is originally in the Japanese language, but for the fans around the world it has been translated to the English language

For seeing in English it is available on Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Fire Force Season 2

About Story

The story is about some ordinary peoples who turned into some violent creatures known as the Infernals they are first-generation beings. Because of some Human Combustion, it’s a deadly and very rare phenomenon.

These Infernals get evolved into the second and third generation and they are known as pyrokinetics.

These people have the power to control over fire and can transform it into anything as they wish

So for protecting the rest of the world from these people known as Infernals, a special fire force team is prepared by the Tokyo Armed Forces and Holy Church of Soul

About the release date

After getting a great response from the first season from all over the world, the makers of the film decided to make season 2. The initial release date was July 2020, but due to this Covid-19 global pandemic, the release will take longer than the expected date.

But still, the official news about delaying is not declared by the creators, as of now, there are only 24 episodes.

About Cast

Ogun Montgomery will be making his first anime debut with Season 2 of the series

Other main characters that will come back are

  • Mao Ichimichi plays iris
  • Aoi Yuki plays Tamaki Kotatsu
  • Jeremy Inman plays Akitaru Obi

What’s new in Season 2?

There he will learn to hunt more mysteries and truths which will be seen on this season. So, it is sure that this season too will be full of action pack adventures

Shira will begin a new journey by joining the Special Fire Force Academy.


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