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Space Jam a New Legacy is about an animated sports comedy or action-oriented film which is produced by Warner Animation Studio. This film continues with the last Space Jam film which was released in 1996. As this film is about sports famous NBA star LeBron James is going to give an interesting voice.

This movie is officially based on the 90’s based Looney Tune Cartoon which was produced by Warner Brothers.

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About Story

In this film, LeBron James teams up with famous Looney Tunes for playing the basketball match. Also, many famous players from the NBA and WNBA will be added to this upcoming film. First, in 2014 the crew were deciding to take Jackie Chan for the film.

But later it was decided to take some other person, as the actor had some other plans for his film so he said no.

Fans were expecting that Michael Jordan who is the best player in NBA and who was in the first part of the movie will return, but it was then officially declared that he is not going to come up in the next movie.

A tennis court is temporarily used as a basketball court for the shooting. The tennis court is been owned by James Goldstein which he has given the crew for shooting.

About the release date

The movie Space Jam a New Legacy will release on July 16, 2021, in the United States as it was officially declared by the Warner Brother’s Company. But due to this Covid-19 global pandemic, the filming has been stopped so there might be a little delay in the release.

But officially Warner Bro’s studio has not announced any statement regarding the release, also the NBA match will be starting so the players will not get time for filming.

About Cast

Space Jam 2 cast

The movie will have famous NBA players and some other well-known actors from Hollywood Industries they are:

  1. Sonequa Martin-Greenwill play as Savannah James
  2. Don Cheadle
  3. LeBron James
  4. Ceyair J. Wright will play as LeBron Bronny James Jr.

Additionally, other famous NBA players like Klay ThompsonAnthony Davisand Chris Paul are set to make the appearance. Women’s players from the WNBA are set to come like Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwumike.

Hence, the above was everything about space jam 2.


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