Mark Ruffalo Ate 1,000 Calories A Day For His ‘I Know This Much Is True’ Role


Ruffalo, 52, performs twins in HBO’s constrained series I Know This Much Is True and did probable 500 pushups each day even as taking pictures episodes as one of the twins, Dominic, essayist, and executive Derek Cianfrance discovered to The Wrap.

I surmise you can state he became always a smidgen hangry, Cianfrance said of Ruffalo’s eating regimen which included 1,000 calories every day with a view to shedding 20 pounds for the job.

Mark Ruffalo

Twin for HBO’s Mark Ruffalo Did 500 Pushups

He became consuming an egg white for breakfast and absolutely starving, Cianfrance proceeded. What’s more, he was unable to consume for a further 3 hours, and the entirety he ought to consume then became a granola bar that had 120 calories or something, on the grounds that he changed into in this exacting weight loss program.

He blanketed It made this individual Dominick who turned into without a doubt wiry and forceful.

What Is It About?

I Know This Much Is True follows the story of twin siblings Dominick and Thomas, the final of whom is schizophrenic and in a haven that Dominick tries to get him out of through the direction of the series.

At the TV Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January, Ruffalo discovered the expanded 30 lbs. For his double job. He shot each one among his episodes as Dominick for the initial 15 weeks, earlier than taking 5 weeks off to trade into Thomas.

Because of Thomas’ lengthy stretches of reliance taking capsules for his schizophrenia, Ruffalo stated he placed on weight to exactly depict the impact meds and “disposition stabilizers” can have on somebody’s body.

Other Updates

We didn’t want it to resemble I run and toss a wig on and do a comparable episode around the identical time, so we took a month and a half off to certainly isolate these folks, Ruffalo clarified. Furthermore, Thomas is taking capsules, temperament stabilizers, and enemies of psychotics. Many individuals put on weight.

Gaining the burden for Thomas become genuinely testing,” he protected. I didn’t believe that it should be. I notion I would have a few good instances time doing that, but when you’re forcibly feeding yourself, a portion of the sentiment of food type of leaves.


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