You’ Star Chris D’Elia Is Accused Of Grooming Underage Girls


On-screen person and entertainer Chris D’Elia were blamed for “getting ready” and endeavoring to request naked snapshots from underage young ladies.

D’Elia, who has facilitated the Congratulations podcast considering 2017, has featured in Netflix comedy specials and the sitcoms Whitney and Undateable. In 2019, he depicted the task of pedophile stand-up comedian Henderson in the Netflix spine-chiller association You.

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Chris D’Elia Is Accused Of Grooming Underage Girls

On Twitter, a girl named Simone Rossi tweeted a display seize of her intended cooperations with D’Elia, and blamed him for making ready her.

Envision being 16 and being organized via a high exceptional humorist twice ur age and the main rationalization you in no way got collectively and by no means were given honestly became that u had currently gotten a beau ur very own age, she composed.

What We Must Know

As Rossi’s tweet became a web sensation, various other girls approached with their very own costs approximately D’Elia.

He’s the rubbish, the idea of one lady. He positioned me on the rundown at putting to look him carry out and calmly stated I ought to then meet him in his automobile behind the shape and. I came up with a clarification and never appeared.

Another woman wrote: @chrisdelia. You requested nudes from minors whilst u had been in Vancouver and tried to physical with my accomplice while we had been sixteen, and while I got down on u approximately twitter you disclosed to her you’d destroy her life in the occasion that I didn’t erase it. superb pedophile sleazeball.

Other Updates

The Twitter account SheRatesDogs, which shares mysterious stories prepare by girls about their terrible encounters with men, at that point tweeted that they had gotten diverse anecdotes approximately D’Elia in the course of the years.

The record started sharing display captures, with mysterious ladies claiming that D’Elia had truly bugged or ambushed them. Others affirmed that D’Elia had requested naked pics from them, before taking steps to make them open.


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