Thanks A Million Season 2 : What is new in Season 2 ?

Thanks A Million Season 2

So, we are going to talk about Thanks a Million, which was launched in this year in the month of April 2020. We have also noticed that lots of famous celebs from Hollywood were captured while donating $1, 00,000 to selective persons who made a positive and really significant change in their lives.

Thanks A Million Season 2 cast

It has also been seen that the celebrities also visited that person’s place, meet them and gave them the money as a positive and thankful gestures through their smile. No, this is not the end; the half of the donated money has to be shared with another person who helped that particular to change his/her life. And with this, a small chain is created to help and reward a person economically.

So, the excellent idea came from the mind of Jennifer Lopez who is also the executive producer of the show. This also gives a real feeling of happiness to the stars to get involved in such kind of social work, and they also inspires and encourages their fans so that they can lead their live in a more happier way.

So, there is a craze and gossip that the second season will release or not, so the answer is yes that the series will release its second part. But the thing is we didn’t when it will be released but yes it will not get released in the year 2020.

But the most exciting fact is to see which celebs will be the next to come up because we already saw Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan and some of the top stars in the very first season. However, the donated money which was spent was not given from their own earnings but from the production house itself. But the most important thing is that these stars have made out time from their busy schedule and have came together for accomplishing a good cause and also they shares their personal stories of their lives with their fan followings.

Thanks A Million Season

The next installment of this Thanks a Million series will come with more A-list actors who have the willingness to do this kind of social work. In this particular TV show we have seen the different phases of an actor’s life. This TV show has led a path and has perfectly done a very good job by showing thankfulness to many people. So, we are eagerly waiting to see some of our favorite actors on this show. It will be clear once the production and making of the show gets started.


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