Attack on Titan Season 4: Is the final season of the show


One of the most popular anime series Attack On Titan has returned with the fourth season. There’s a lot of news about the start of the fourth season; some say it is postponed, while others say it will be released early. So in the fourth season here we’ve got all the details of Attack On Titan.

Release Date of Attack on Titan Season 4

The series is to be released by October 2020 but the date of release is not announced. A total of 24 episodes will take place on the show. It may also be the last season for the fans, but we can tell that the conclusion is definitely exciting.

Attack on Titan Season 4 cast

Who’s going to be on Attack on Titan Season 4 cast list?

Season 4 will be the same voice cast as the rest of the seasons.

  1. Marina Inoue and Josh Grelle as an Armin Arlert or Narrator
  2. Yuki Kaji and Bryce Papenbrook as an Eren Jaeger
  3. Yui Ishikawa And Trina Nishimura as a Mikasa Ackermann
  4. Hiro Shimono as a Connie Springer
  5. Kisho Taniyama as a Jean Kirstein
  6. Hiroshi Kamiya as a Levi
  7. Daisuke Ono as an Erwin Smith
  8. Yu Kobayashi as a Sasha Braus

What’s going to be Attack on Titan Season 4 plotline?

The whole series concerns Eren Yeager ‘s story and the war with the titans. Titans are the one that wants people to disappear. From now on, the officials’ plot of season 4 has nothing confirmed.

But on the basis of the original manga series, we can expect some things. Now the only remaining arch of the manga is anime. It may show more cases of human swallowing through the wall by titans.

To complete the story, in the final installment, the series has not shown the history of Titan’s core. The show will now focus more on living creatures beyond the building.

Trailer Update

On 29 May 2020, the trailer was released. The video has been given a number of records and points of view. The series is one of the best shows ever, and fans look forward to the launch date.


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