Fire Force Season 2: Read to Know Everything

Fire Force Season 2 banner

Fans from around the world are eagerly awaiting season 2 after the first episode of the first year of the Fire Force. Okay, for you we have good news. The official announcement was made of Fire Force Season 2. See all the latest information about the show here.

Release Date of Fire Force Season 2

From July 2019 December 2019 the first season of the serial appears. The next season, however, is scheduled to be in July 2020. It plans to air with 24 episodes in the same number. 

Fire Force Season 2

Since there is no official confirmation of the ideal release date, we have to wait a little more. This will then happen in June or July 2020.

Who’s going to be on Fire Force Season 2 cast list?

Behind various characters there are voices:

  1. Derick Snow, Gakuto Kajiwara is going to play Shinra Kusakabe
  2. Sarah Roach, Saeko  Karnijo is going to play Maki Oze
  3. Jeremy Inman, Kazuya Nakai is going to play Akitaru Obi
  4. Christopher Wehkamp, Ken’ichi Suzumura is going to play Takehisa Hinawa
  5. Alexis Tipton, Mao Ichimichi is going to play Iris
  6. Jad Saxton, Aoi Yuki is going to play Jamaki Kotatsu
  7. Eric Vale, Yûsuke Kobayashi is going to play Arthur Boyle

What’s going to be Fire Force Season 2 plotline?

It will focus this season on the superhuman force that manages the fire around the world. The season is based on one of the Manga Series novels. The exceptional fire units must battle human-made ignition in the next season. It will turn them into garbage.

It would be the first to monitor flares as they are turning themselves into their faces. By joining the Special Fire Force Academy that includes other outstanding clients Shira will begin a new excursion. He will pursue more secrets and assurance there that will take his side ahead. In this respect, it is sure that expectations will also be loaded this season.

Trailer Update

To the delight of the fans, Funimation released a 30-second trailer for the second season in December 2019.


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