Love Me, Love Me Not : Release date ,Cast Details and more Updates !!


The Japanese shoujo Manga(picture script; picture magazine), Love me, love me not, is noted and illustrated by, Lo Sakisaka. Later, at 2015, Bessatsu Margaret, made a series out of it. Later, the anime film was directed from the manga. Erika Yoshida, scripted it, while the director, Toshimasa Kuroyanagi directed it, at studio, A-1 Pictures. Now, again the manga is being scripted and written by the two delicates, namely, Takahiro Miki and Yōko Yonaiyama, and Takahiro Miki, wants to directed a live-action film from it. It is believed to be releasing on August, 2020.

Love Me  Love Me Not show

Love me, love me not : Release Date

The release date declared, is at 14th of August, 2020. Whereas, due to this outbreak of Covid-19, they have to call off the shoot, which may hamper the declared release date. It is also informed that, the realease date is postponed, and their production house works are halted for now. Although, it is expected to be released at its earliest. 

Love me, love me not : Casting

The casting roles are assigned as such :-

  1. Eiji Akaso as Kazuomi Inui.
  2. Amabe as Akari Yamamoto.

3.Fukumoto as Yuna Ichihara.

  1. Kitamura as Rio Yamamoto.

Love me, love me not : Storyline

The storyline of the anime, is not going to change much, from its original. The storyline starts, as Yuna Ichihara meeting some random girl, named, Akari due to some reason, whom she met, while sending off her best friend, namely , Sacchan. They end up having some common interests in between. Later, it shows, Yuna, fell in love, with Akari’s brother and on the other hand, Akari fell for Yuna’s best friend, adding some spices to the story. 

Love Me  Love Me Not cast



This series is for them, who loves a core standard to portray love. It has announced that, the movie is to be premiered as anime film genre as well as live-action film. This story is going to be loved by the fans, who believes that, the anime portrayals of love is far more instense and strongly felt. The declaration of release date, are cancelled, for now, but the fans believe that, it would be released quite soon, as per situations.

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