Personal branding via LinkedIn


However, LinkedIn is currently clearly on the rise in the race for professional networks: In February 2018, the company announced that it had exceeded the 11 million mark in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In October 2016, the number of users was still nine million. Globally, the platform now holds 500 million users!

A crisp profile slogan

“You never get a second chance for a good first impression” is the saying. In addition to the photo, the first thing that catches your eye is the profile slogan. This will also be shown to people who are looking for keywords but are not yet networked with you.

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So make an effort to optimize it. Fill it with the most important keywords that describe you and your activity (s). In this case, this does not have to be continuous text. You can also just separate the words with a straight line.

Settings on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers many options for customizing your profile. Under Privacy & Settings, for example, you can specify what people see whose profile you have visited. You can even determine who can see the photo: only direct contacts, your network, or everyone.

Looking for a job with LinkedIn: This is how you become interesting for HR professionals.

As a professional network, LinkedIn offers many opportunities to land a new job. The best way to find a job via LinkedIn is if you can draw HR managers and companies to your attention.

This strategy is not easy to implement, the competition in the network is correspondingly high. To make it work, we have put together a few tips that can help you find a job via LinkedIn:

Participate in groups and discussions

One of the most important activities, in order to become interesting for HR professionals in the LinkedIn job search, is the participation in groups and discussions. Become a member of groups that are related to your industry or your job and participate in topics that fit your area of ​​expertise, your experience, and your career aspirations. HR personnel from companies are also active here and read along – anyone who participates here has a good chance of being noticed. Accordingly, pay attention to the quality of your contributions, bring your knowledge to the table, or discuss objectively.

Keep all information up to date

It should be a matter of course, but in practice, it, unfortunately, shows again and again that it is not: Update your information and information on LinkedIn regularly. If HR managers find outdated information, you as a potential candidate will immediately become uninteresting and a different profile will be considered.

Present success and knowledge

Modesty is likable, but you won’t get any further with the LinkedIn job search. Instead, present your professional successes and achievements in a much targeted manner. Identify projects that you have led or worked on, highlight specific skills, and show what skills and knowledge you have that differentiate you from others. There is great potential here to become interesting for HR personnel.


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