Absentia Season 3 Every New Update You Need to Know


On 25 September 2017, Season 1 of Absentia was premiered at AXN and was extremely popular among viewers. The rating and the reception at the Amazon Prime Video show prompted additional interest from other streaming platforms on February 2, 2018. The second season was renewed several months later, on June 19, 2018, and was eventually released in June 2019. The third season in July 2019, ‘Absentia’ was renewed.

Release Date of Absentia Season 3

‘Absentia’ will premiere in Amazon PrimeVideo on 17 July, Season 3 consisting of 10 episodes.

Absentia Season 3 banner

Who’s going to be on Absentia Season 3 cast list?

They are:

  1. Stana Katic as an Emily Byrne
  2. Patrick Heusinger Special Agent Nick Durand
  3. Matthew Le Nevez as a Special Agent Cal Isaac

What’s going to be Absentia Season 3 plotline?

The next season of ‘Absentia’ is officially summarised as follows. “After 2 tragic events in season, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) is working hard to become the FBI’s best possible mother on the last days of suspending her. It all gets disrupted when a suspicious foreign case comes too close and threatens her family, she tries to hold so tightly together..

Emily’s request of the FBI to follow with Resistance is met, taking matters into her own hand, they are putting into practice a risky plan-to brings her face to face with the one man who could lead her towards Nick, Colin Dawkins (G). “After a sequence of deadly events, Emily must run to save Nick (Patrick Heusinger), but this leads us to understand that the brewing conspiracy is more pronounced.

Trailer Update

The trailer of ‘Absentia’ Season 3 shows how Emily faces dangers this season and her ex-husband, Flynn’s father Nick, is going to save her in the same way. But there are common obstacles, like the FBI obstacles. Emily must get over all this in order to plan Nick’s rescue mission.


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