Feel Good Season 2 Latest Updates You Don’t Want To Miss

Feel Good Season 2 cast

Netflix ‘Feel Good’ British Comedy Drama has been renewed for the second season. The series was a great hit and was very much loved by the audience. Following this series success, it was likely that the series would renew for the second season. Here are all the details about the upcoming show.

Release Date of Feel Good Season 2

Feel Good Season 2 show

On 18 March 2020, Season 2 was premiered in the UK. Both the audience and the critics gave a rather positive response. The display in the United Kingdom was good so far. Nevertheless, the start of season two in another part of the world has been continuously delayed because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. We are looking forward to the season in other regions too soon.

Who’s going to be on Feel Good Season 2 cast list?

The show’s main characters will return to the new season again.


  1. Mae as a Mae Martin
  2. Lisa Kudrow’s mother as Linda
  3. Sophie Thompson as Mae Maggie’s help
  4. Phil Burger as George Phil’s flatmate
  5. Tom Andrews, as a Kevin
  6. Ritu as Lava

What’s going to be Feel Good Season 2 plotline?

Feel Good Season 2

Fans and watchers can conclude that Mae and Georg are balancing their weaknesses like Riddle ‘s faults at the Feel Good Season 2 series, where Ma’s cast is the most chaotic parts which are centered and reversed on the George curve. Although artist Mei can attempt to refuse to use it again, George will deal with one and check the phrase in his new voice.

Fans and supporters may have seen him follow his dream, noting that his relationship reflected issues. Essentially, both women will have to fix their family and jobs.

Trailer Update

There is no trailer here as there is no Statement on Feel Good for Season 2.


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