Good Omens Season 2: Casts, Details, Plot  and Update of Season 2


Good Omens is a mini-series based on the genre of fantasy and thriller. It was co-produced by BBC Studio and Amazon Studio. The series is based on a novel created by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett in 1990. The series, Good Omens was directed by Douglas Mackinnon. The series got 8.1 ratings out of 10 in IMDb and got 84% Rotten Tomatoes and 92% of the Google user like the TV series. There were 6 episodes in the first season and the original language was in English.

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Review of season 1:

Good Omens season 1 was released on Amazon prime videos on 31st May 2019 and weekly it was aired on BBC Two between 15th January to 19th February 2020 in the UK at 8:00 p.m.


  • David Tennant portraying as Crowley playing the role of a Demon
  • Michael Sheen portraying as Aziraphale playing the role of an angel
  • Jon Hamm portraying as Gabriel
  • Adria Arjona portraying as Anathema Device
  • Sam Taylor Buck portraying as Adam Young
  • Michael McKean portraying as Shadwell
  • Frances McDormand portraying as the voice of God
  • Jack Whitehall portraying as Newton Pulsifer
  • Miranda Richardson portraying as Madame Tracy

The story so far:

The series goes like this, there were two long time friends, a demon named Crowley and an angel named Aziraphale. They both lived for a long time on Earth being accustomed to it and both of them were the representatives of Heaven and Hell. The armies of the Evil and Good were accustomed to each other forming groups and everything was going according to their Divine Plan but it seemed someone had misplaced the Antichrist. Thus, there would be a final battle between heaven and hell. Would the heroes find out the culprit and stop Armageddon before it’s too late?

Release date of Second Season:

After the enormous success of the season one the fans are eagerly and keenly waiting for the series, Good Omens season 2. The release date of second season had not been confirmed and there is no official news regarding the release date and the renewal of the series. The good thing is that, the series had not been dropped down by Amazon prime. The series creator of Good Omens Neil Gaiman had revealed to Digital Spy that, a big obstacle is standing on the way of second season of Good Omens. Fans and everyone those who are involved in the show, express their hope as they want the Angel and the Demon could reunite someday. But Michael Sheen informed that the scheduling with the star cast and crew has been a problem. When Neil Gaiman was asked the probability of making the second season, he assured that he still didn’t close the door for Good Omens. He wants to write the next part of the novel and create more two seasons.

Good Omens Season 2 cast

He doesn’t want to bring up the second season immediately after the first season. He is balancing his life of fatherhood with the comics, books and other series which he has been working on. That’s what is holding him up. Due to the Covid-19 breakout, even if the series renews, the production will not start until the effect of the virus slows down. So the second season will not be released before 2021. So, we need to wait long for the second season.


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