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The Punisher is an American online TV series of crime-drama based on the character Marvel Comics of the same name. Steve Lightfoot has produced the show for Netflix. It shares continuity with the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise films and other series. This is a Marvel Daredevil spin-off.

On 18 January 2019, the second season was launched. However, Netflix canceled the series on 18 February 2019.

The Punisher Season

Release Date of The Punisher Season 3

Netflix has canceled the show and the third season on our screens will hardly ever be found. While the show strives to bring it forward and revive other streaming channels. Unfortunately, none of them have taken any move forward. Because of the chaotic state of the channels due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the probability of the display is small.

Who’s going to be on The Punisher Season 3 cast list?

The favorite and most generous cast works include:

  1. Jon Bernthal will play Frank Castle
  2. Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani
  3. Jason R Moore will play Curtis ‘Curt’ Hoyle
  4. Josh Stewart will play John Pilgrim
  5. Giorgia Whigham will play Amy Bendix
  6. Floriana Lima is expected to return as Krista Dumont if the series returns on Disney+ at least.

What’s going to be The Punisher Season 3 plotline?

The Punisher Season 3 show

Frank Castle’s revenge on the death of his family is a thriller of conspiracy. But it’s called “The Punisher” in New York City after vengeance has been accumulated. He conspired more vengeance than his family and him. During the second season, Castle, which was taken up by Amy Bendix’ unexplained murder, wants to give up its peaceful existence and accept his existence as a penitentiary.

Well, Lightfoot said he had a nice idea for the next season and viewers get to see what happens as a punisher to Frank, as Madani refuses the CIA gun. We must wait for a streaming channel to revitalize this character series of Marvel.


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