Star trek discovery season 3 : Cast And Plot What’s The Storyline For It?



The American TV series, Star Trek Discovery, is a science fiction, adventurous drama, which was created by Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller. They launched their first series at September, 2017. The first two seasons experienced, an exceeded expectations, overwhelming the audience, and here the season 3 of the Star Trek series are expected to return with something more interesting and worth waiting for.

Star trek discovery cast

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 : Release Date

Although, the season was wrapped up at July, 2019 itself and started working accordingly, the pandemic situations overruled the shooting and excced the time of its release. It is expected to be released by 2020, but according to Wilson Cruz’s, tweet it’s conveyed that, the season might require more time and the audience should wait till it pops up.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 : Casting

The Casting should return to this season, as it was in season two, which includes, Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Rachael Ancheril, Emily Coutts, Wilson Cruz, Adil Hussain, Ronnie Rowe, Mary Wiseman, Sara Mitich, Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh and David Ajala. There is heard to be an addition to the character Spock, which would be casted by Christopher Pike. Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman are the showrunners for this series, and it is heard that the filming has started from July, 2019. The season may pop up anytime, accordingly.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 : Storyline and more

The last season ended up, jumping to future for inventing some new causes and detaching from the earlier shows. The crew, namely, USS Discovery travelled 900 years for permitting them for exploring the perfect time for franchise. Regarding this, Alex Kurtzman, also commented on a comic conference, “We made a pretty radical leap into the future at the end of season two — we are going almost 1000 years into the future in season three (950 to be precise), which can be crazy.”  As at the original Star Trek Series, we see Pike residing on, it might happen to reunite in this season. It is expected that the doctor from Voyager must come abroad, while CBS reached out to reprise the role of physician to Robert Picardo.

Star trek discovery show

Wrapping Up

There are an impatient wait among the audience, due to the first season’s exceeding expectations and attentions, the Star Trek crew got for the performance. The audience are really, looking forward for experiencing the new season eagerly.


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