Here’s What You Need to Know About  Ant-Man 3


Ant-Man may not be the biggest franchise in the MCU but the tragic hilarity of Paul Rudd is definitely not something Marvel is able to give up too easily. It has been confirmed on 1 November that Ant-Man is currently back for a third movie with Peyton Reed as its director returning. Below is all about Ant-man 3 that we know so far.

Ant-Man 3 trailer

Release Date of Ant-Man 3

Although no official release date is available now, Michael Douglas told Collider that in January 2021 the film will begin filming, so the 2022 film will probably be launched.

At present Disney has reserved 29 July 2022 for the “Marvel Untitled” project which, in context of the release of the previous two films, will make sense to Ant-Man 3.

Who’s going to be on Ant-Man 3 cast list?

No new cast updates by the officials until now, but for the third installment, these next stars will return:

Ant-Man 3

  1. Paul Rudd is Scott Lang / Ant-Man
  2. Michael Douglas is Hank Pym
  3. Michelle Pfeiffer is Janet van Dyne
  4. Hannah John-Kamen as Ava Starr / Ghost
  5. Michael Peña is Luis
  6. Bobby Cannavale is Jim Paxton
  7. Judy Greer is Maggie

What’s going to be Ant-Man 3 plotline?

The plot in Ant-man ‘s third film remains confidential. After the Avengers Endgame events, the film continues.

Some theories exist for Ant-Man 3; one theory is that we have seen Scott Lang ‘s daughter, Cassie’s, in the Avengers endgame become a teenager, but perhaps now she can become a superhero. Cassie is depicted in comic books as a superhero; she appears as a Stature with powers that resemble her father.

Ant-Man 3 cast

Trailer Update

We are sad to tell you that no trailer has yet been released for Ant-Man 3.



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