My Hero Academia Season 5 : Characters information and Release Date



My Hero Academia is a Japanese Animated Web Series. It was created by Kohei Horikoshi and was first launched in the year 2014. Till now, it has 26 Volumes in four seasons. The story deals with the life of a boy Izuku Midoriya who was born without any superpower in between the peoples having tons of superpowers and so his immense desire was to acquire superpowers and become a hero. But then he was founded by the greatest hero of Japan, All Might who recognized the potential in Izuku and shared his superpowers with him and also helped him get into a reputed school for the training of Hero.

My Hero Academia Season 5 cast

Release Date

Season 1 of this series was released in 2016, Season 2 in 2017, Season 3 in 2018, Season 4 in 2019 and so the Season 5 was expected to be released in this year (i.e., 2020) but due to the outbreak of pandemic caused by COVID-19, the production has come to a standstill for an uncertain period. So, we can expect the release of this season in the year 2021.


Izuku Midoriya, Kenya Lida, Akatsuki Bakugo, Clifford Chapin, Michael Tatum, Chaco Muranaka, Luci Christian, Justin Briner are some of the characters from previous seasons who will be back in the coming season.

Many other characters as well will be shown up in the coming season.

My Hero Academia Season 5 show


As far as Plot is concerned we may get to see Izuku getting Black Whip and Fumikage with his black fallen angel which makes him capable of flying.

Latest Updates

In the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, it is officially confirmed that there will be a season five for this series. It has been officially tweeted by the magazine in April this year.

It is expected that in this season there will be twenty-three episodes.

Although, the release of this season is getting much delayed due to the break in production due to COVID-19 but the wait will be worthy and the season is gonna be great. So, please keep some patience and enjoy the series.


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