On My Block Season 4: Release date and other information


The web series is the ruler of the film and entertainment industry nowadays. Apart from the topics of our well-known movies and theatres, the series is very much likely among the amusing relaxation for today’s generation. As we know, the web shows generally get fame and popularity in a very short interval of time just for its serial structured story and versatility during through all over the episodes, and most importantly the sudden unexpected twists genuinely take those web shows off to an upper level of notable stardom

My Block Season 4 banner

In the vast world of internet shows, On my block is one of the brightest names ever exist. It is circulated upon a teen comedy-drama, which is ornamented with the flexibility of every character as well as a very much funny comic story is the central theme of this show. This web television series is most popular among the youth generation throughout the world.

On my block, one was created by Lauren Lungerich and Jeremy Haft and got released on the platform of Netflix on March 16, 2018. And the second and third seasons of this web show renewed to be premiered on April 13, 2019, and 11th march of 2020 respectively on the web platform of Netflix. Each episode of every season contains a run period of 28-30 min; this Netflix original web TV show is now declared to be renewed for the 4th season.

According to the updated news, the production of this show has been stepped back for the taken aback pandemic due to COVID-19. As a result of this epidemical crisis, the work on this series has been delayed, so the new season is rescheduled to release in March of 2021. And it is clarified that the trailer of this season is going to be put up by the creators very soon on the web platforms. The characters haven’t been confirmed yet, but we’re going to familiar with a few new faces. Apart from this, the main ones are constant as Diego Tinoco is playing Cesar, Sierra Capri plays Monse, and Jason Genao handles Ruby, and thus the star cast of this show is confirmed.

My Block Season 4 cast

The previous seasons were all about four kids who come to the city of Los Angeles and become best friends. On the plot of their smart lifestyle and bond of friendship, the first two seasons were circled. In the third part, there was an unexpected twist that teased the viewer’s mind to become numb and left them with several questions regarding the story. In the fourth part, it will be clarified that what was wrong between the four of them.

The 3rd season was left by showing their teenage, in which their young aged brains did not stabilize yet to take a mature decision, and the new season is all about the next part of the maturity of the four as it is going to show us a time gap of 2 years of their lives. The goal of this season is heading towards how they able to stick together and survive through all the dark traumatic situations which they are going to face.


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