Floor Is Lava: Check All The Possibilities For Season 2


Remember playing the floor “lava” when you were a kid, not trying to touch the floor? Well, Netflix is ​​bringing life to its new competition show, Fort Lava. This American Ninja warrior, semi-axle and completely unusual – it’s probably part of the news yet, as lava returns for the season.

Floor is Lava Season 2cast

The series is produced by racing analyst Rutledge  Wood and features three teams competing against each other for a $ 10,000 prize. The first mentioned in “Lava” (possibly mixed with red food) was flooded by contestants. If they fail, the game is over. And kids: Netflix wants to know that you shouldn’t try this at home (though, why not the show?).

So far, people seem to enjoy watching their favourite childhood sports again in their boxing competition. “This is what people are looking for !!” YouTube user McCormack commented on the Season 1 trailer.

If this discussion continues, it is very likely that Fort Lava will return to season 2 success. Listening to all floors If you start listening to lava online, coming back for more episodes is a safe bet.

Image Credit: Netflix (YouTube)

The show is still very new on stage, and it usually takes six to eight weeks before Netflix announces the next episode. A website that regularly posts Netflix-specific listings with “backstage com” is also a place to get regular updates on Netflix projects. The winners of Steam will receive a cash prize of $ 10,000.

Floor is Lava Season 2 banner

Floor is Lava: About the Show

Netflix’s Game Tab Floor Lava watches each episode as three teams of three contestants compete with each other. Contestants are expected to swing from the barrel towards the chair, swing from the curtain on the edge of the floor, and swing their time on the chandeliers. This course is designed to make it easier for contestants to fall into the lava.


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