Prison School Season 2 Every New Update You Need to Know

Prison School is a manga series of Japanese anime. The creator and illustrator of the show, Akira Hiramoto. The Yen Press manga series in North America has been licensed. The show is a sex comedy that came out in 2011. The first season was a huge hit and had a large worldwide fan base.

Here’s all about season 2 of the show you need to know.

Prison School Season 2 cast

Release Date of Prison School Season 2

There is no release date as the series is yet to be updated. If the show is renewed, however, we may predict a release from Fall 2020. We will keep you updated on any new details we receive of season 2.

Who’s going to be on Prison School Season 2 cast list?

The first season cast is potentially also coming back in season 2. These include:

  1. Taishi Nakagawa as a Kiyoshi Fujino
  2. Tokyo Emoto as a Takehito Morokuzu
  3. Masato Yano as a Shingo Wakamoto
  4. Daiki Miyagi as a Joji Nezu
  5. Galigaligalixon as a Reiji Ando

With the progress of the storyline, the series will potentially have more characters and cast members.

Prison School Season 2 show

What’s going to be Prison School Season 2 plotline?

It is possible that the next season will continue where we left the previous season. Season 1 is seen at the boarding school by Kiyoshi and his colleagues. Because of the strict rules they have to follow, they are challenging at school. But they can make some good memories for themselves, even then.

However, it takes them not long to learn to live according to the rules and become famous early. The President will soon be changed. While the show has an institution for all children, the show also has male students. The male students attempt to get close to the female students several times. This makes the series all the more enticing and desirable.

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