Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Release date, cast, trailer, and More details!

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Santa Clarita’s diet is launched on Netflix, and it is a comedy show. This show is created by popular creator victor fresco. Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore come and team up along with Emmy nominated creator and director victor fresco for the generation bending comedy. Netflix had launched the other 2 seasons of this show after gaining popularity and the audience’s excellent response. The Drew Barrymore will play a role with Timothy Olyphant as a married couple, and Sheila and Joel. The biggest secret of Sheila is, she is a zombie who likes to eat human flesh. It might be quite gross, but it is also satirical and funny.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 banner

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The release date of Santa Clarita diet

The first season of this series aired on 3 February 2017, and the next season premiered on 23 March 2018. After the popularity of both seasons, it will again release the third season on 29 March 2019. However, Netflix announced the date cancellation of the upcoming season that was 26 April 2019, and hope the fans will see the new season. However, there is no official date announced, and the release has been rescheduled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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The plot of the season 4

The story of the Santa Clarita diet plot may look horror in a way, but the humor of this series was excellent. In the last season, you saw that Mr. Ball lega entered the brain of Joel with the help of his brain. And the biggest suspense of, will he still live? Or maybe Sheila will change into a zombie for saving his life. The upcoming season will explore the journey of life Joel as a zombie.

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Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 cast

Know about the cast: Santa Clarita diet

There is no latest news about the new cast member who will appear in the show. But many previous cast members will see in this season like- Skyler gisondo will see as an eric Bemis who is neighbor of Hammond. The Drew Barrymore will appear as a Sheila Hammond Abby’s mother and Joel’s wife, live Hewson as an Abby Hammonds, etc.

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