Thor Love And Thunder: Who Will Be The Villain Of The Fourth Part?


Collider Christian Ballet in Thor: Love & Thunder is breaking news for the first time that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to make its debut. We didn’t know how to relate to it. Yes, and thanks to our partner, Tessa Thomas, who confirmed to us that Christian Bale is playing the Thor 4 villain.

Thor Love And Thunder show

Thompson threw information

Thompson threw information memory to ET Now during the interview, and she confirmed that she had read a script for the much-anticipated sequel. Taika Dutty – winner of a new comics game – Taika Watiti is returning to write and direct superhero comedy, bringing back Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster as an older woman. Portman did not appear in the sequel/reboot directed by Taika, but it was clear that Witty and Chris Hemsworth were corrected and entered the franchise.

Exactly what the village is playing by my husband is not clear. Marvel Studios is known for its comedy, so even if he plays it, we shouldn’t expect the beta version of the character to be in the comics.

Thor Love And Thunder cast

This is not the first time Baddy, but those roles are small and far from the ultimate. In the American Psychiatry (Patrick Bettman) in 2000, he endured himself as a vicious Protestant Patrick Betham, and at the same time in such films as The Hash Times, Pregis, Hosts, and even Dick Cheney Vice. Played characters. My husband loves to play characters in the grey area, so it’s interesting to see what he does in a straightforward village, written and directed by Thai. Of course my husband, despite being a really funny person, doesn’t have much experience in the comedy realm, so this should be interesting.

Depending on Thor, love and thunder will start later this year, but first, it is recapturing my husband with the unsettled and American director of music, David O Russell. That movie starts shooting this spring.


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