Soul: Disney Dropped A Brand New Teaser Trailer For The Upcoming Animated Film


Pixar introduced us to Soul a year earlier, the second film under Peter Doktor in command after Lasseter. From that moment on, he gave us clues with the dropper, publishing some details such as the first images of the film or its logo on the D23. Another important fact that he introduced to us is that the producers of Soul are the same as Coco and Del Reeves, the major successes of Pixar. Because of this, audience expectations have grown further as they eagerly wait again to enjoy the Pixar essence.

Soul cast

New Teaser Trailer For Upcoming Animated Film

Also, Pixar revealed its first trailer in November and the second in March. These first teasers hinted that Seoul would have a theme similar to Coco and Del Reeves, as it would pose universal questions such as where do we come from? Or right where we are going, we will go with his hero Joe from his monotonous life in New York on his journey to other unknown worlds that will make him discover the true meaning of life.

Pixar unveiled the latest trailer for Soul on Saturday. This preview reveals its protagonist Joe, who will be voiced by actor Jamie Foxx. Joe is a music teacher and father of a family who is fighting to achieve his dream: to be a respected and recognized musician. But, an accident will change your life completely. Also featured in this final teaser is an excerpt from the song “Codding Wayes”, composed and sung by composer Cody Chesnutt.

Due to the pandemic, Disney had to delay its premieres such as The Little Mermaid and Mulan live-action. The soul has not left aside, as its scheduled release of 19 June has been delayed until 20 November. Therefore, within a few months, we will be able to solve the questions that the soul raises and perhaps we will have a clear idea of ​​where we came from and where we were going.


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