Cable Girls Season 6: Release date, Cast Details, and more Updates!!


Cable girls show a Spanish web television series, and its first season aired into the television industry on April 28, 2017. This show has completed its 5 seasons that had 37 episodes. This is one of the best and popular shows so that it gets renewed soon just after completing last season. Each episode has approx 30 minutes of runtime, and it currently has up to million active viewers from all around the globe. This series is created by gema R Neira and Ramon Campos. Many companies include themselves in producing this show on Netflix. In this article, you are going to know cable girls’ season 6, cast, and release date, and so on.

Cable Girls Season 6 banner

Cable girls season 6 release date

Cable Girls season 6 will be premiered on Netflix on July 3, 2020, if the creator follows the last launch schedule. As per the information from the speculation suggestion and leak detail, the development of this series has been done, and currently, it is under the edition process. Therefore it is clear that the release date of cable girls’ season 6 will not be changed. If any change occurs in the release date, we will definitely inform you.

Cast members of cable girls season 6

Cable Girls Season 6 show

The creator has been releasing the cast details of this show by press release and social media platform. The creator and developer of this series is said that there is no huge change in cast member of this series. Many previous cast members will return to maintain the flow of the show. We have some information about cast members such as- Carolina Moreno, Sara Millan (Oscar Ruiz), Elisa Cifuentes, and Francisco Gomez. Along with them, several famous stars will also appear in this show like Lidia Aguilar Davila, Carlos Cifuentes, maria Inmaculada marga Suarez Pazos, Carlota Rodrigues de senillosa, and Angeles Vidal. Apart from them, Dona Carmen de Cifuentes will appear in this series with many new talents.

You can watch the teaser of cable girls season 6 and easily know what will happen in the upcoming season. We hope this article will help you.


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