Crash Landing On You Season 2: Will We Get Another Season Of K-Drama Series?


Crash Landing You 2 season has been waiting for the most anticipated South Korean drama fans since mid-February. Season 1’s success paved the way for another season, while South Korean series of lovers are patiently waiting for another love. Read more for more details.

Crash Landing On You

Not Any Official Information

Despite having a very good audience base, the show’s creators did not release official confirmation Crash Landing You 2. However, due to the success of the series and the performance of the actors, the show has been successful in gathering millions of fans.  Fans can now watch the series on Netflix. After watching all the episodes, you agree that if it doesn’t get renewed for the second season, it will be an injustice to the fans and the beautiful series.

Your idea for you is to wait for the crash landing to end. 2 The first season is scheduled for December 14, 2019, and continues through February 16, 2020. Updates, On the other hand, we should not ignore today’s bitter reality – the Covid-19 pandemic. The world is in the grip of a coronavirus epidemic and we should not wait for any update related to the creator and maker series at this crucial time.

Crash Landing On You Season 2 cast

Crash Landing You tell the story of two North Koreans, a North Korean elite and a member of the captain, Yoon Se-ri (son Ye-Ji). North Korea Special Forces. One day, Yoon Se-ri takes a short trip to Sul in South Korea, and suddenly she is hit by a storm and loses her way. She wakes herself to find a tree in the jungle of the North Korean DMZ, which is banned in South Korea. There she met Ri Jeong-hyeok, who literally fell into the tree with his hands. Ri Jeong-Hyeok finally gives shelter to Yoon Se-ri and develops secret plans for her to return to South Korea. Despite the divisions and strife between their countries, they eventually fall in love.

Episode 2 of the Crash Landing You are still renewed and a public release date will be released. To find the latest updates on TV, get in touch with Devdicourse.


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