Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Trailer, Cast, Plot and Every information


Spooky South Korean show rounds up for its second season after successfully releasing season one that has 16 episodes. The first season was aired on July 13, 2019, on tvn. The hong sister is a written script, and it is the 25th rated Korean series on cable TV. The first season was really popular and gained several positive reviews from the audience. Therefore, it may be possible that the director will soon renew its new season. Here you will know everything about the hotel Den Luna season 2 such as cast, trailer, plot, etc.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 cast

What is the mystery of the hotel Del Luna show?

These shows have the clienteles that are types of a ghost who does not appear real during the day. The hotel is only free from bad evils and available for people on lunar eclipse. Jang man woi helps serve food and other stuff to the dead people who are waiting to be reincarnated.

Mago brainwashed man woi, and after that, she meets the father of gu chan-sung and requests him to give his son training to become the manager of the hotel. After being a manager, he revealed hotels from all supernatural power and dark side.

Will hotel Del Luna come?

As far as the doubt related to season 2 renew, it is believed that there may not be any season following this show. The director has not announced about another season as of now, and it has ended with 16 episodes. The hotel Del Luna is all about one hotel that is a place for dead people and foremost aims to make this hotel free from bad evils.

Many scriptwriters didn’t consider the sad ending of this series; they said it is the happy ending of this show. Therefore, it is not clear, yet its new season will come or not.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 banner

A cast of the hotel Del Luna show

If the series out its new season, then many previous cast members will return like Kim Kang-hoon will appear as young chan-sung, Lee Ji-Eun will come as Jang man-woi. Along with them, Kim Gyu-Ri will come as a young man-woi.

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