Loki Season 1:  Release Date, Storyline, Trailer and Know the All New Updates!


The Marvels and Disney; both have planned to bring out a new TV series in their production house. So, here we are going to discuss about the TV series “Loki.” In the forthcoming paragraphs, you will come to know about the latest updates for the Loki Season 1.

Loki Season 1 banner

The Loki Series has been made with the contribution of Marvel and Disney. The Marvel Production house has produced the Loki series, whereas the script is made from the part of Disney by Micheal Waldron. The series is basically about the famous and ultimate criminal Loki. Loki is the adopted brother of the Thor also. So now, let’s get started with the updates. 

What about the release date? 

The production has been started by the Marvel and Disney. But as we all know about the affect of corona virus in the worldwide. Due to this corona pandemic, everything has put on pause and same with this series also. The production of the Loki has also been stopped now. As of now, this pandemic affected the release date also of the series; so it might be scheduled around mid of 2021 now. There are 6 episodes included in this series, which are going to be loved by everyone definitely. 

If we talk about the trailer of the series, there are no such updates for now on the trailer of the Loki. But yes, if we will get any update for the series, we will let you know about that soon. 

Loki Season 1 cast


In the series, the Loki got the ultra powers through Tessaract. With the help of his powers, he can travel in any timelines. He can do the time travel. In the updates, for the first time, people are going to see someone, who is going to use those powers to travel into several timelines. 

So now, stay tuned with the website to know about more updates.  


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