‘Money Heist: Season 5’ Professor Will Die! Here’s How


Money Heist has earned the title of being one of the world’s best shows. From the very beginning, it has held us back at the very beginning, and the one we’re still focusing on after season 4 is the release. But what is the future for the series? Fans have two views on the case.

‘Money Heist Season 5 show

Although fans are looking forward to the next season, Professor has dug a possible deadline for the next season (isn’t it?).

Fans of Money Heist have speculated that Nairobi’s ‘red dress’ is a shadow to come. After the gun’s death, she appeared in the grass in a red silk dress. Other Moroccan, Berlin and Oslo pilots who died in the previous season are seen with a smile on their faces.

‘Money Heist Season 5 cast

However, except this time, the professor, Denver and Helsinki were present. This may be a sign that they will die the next time they do not see another red carpet show. Furthermore, it ends with a rifle by the professor, leaving them in a difficult position.

[“New La Casa de Papel fans have been told about the fate of the professor over the years]. Reddit suggests that the fate of a professor may be similar to the fate of his father. Those using ‘_Perry_the_plattpus’ In the handle the user predicts that the heist will go down and many of the main characters will die. Nairobi has already been shot. Apart from the professor, Alicia Mercy, there is no guarantee that he can survive. However, as the user Explains, there is a possibility that the professor may have died, but inside the bank.

Season 5 ends with the main cliffhanger and there is no stone left for fans to come up with wild concepts. Some theories are suggesting Alicia instead of Professor. The Daily Express reported what fans’ views are on the issue.


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