Money Heist Season 5: Why Berlin And Alicia Sierra Could Not Be Related?


The Money Heist  Season 5. But in the series, is the idea that Alicia Sierra Tatiana is actually a major differentiator for the fan concept?

‘Money Heist Season 5 show

With Alichi Sierra (played by Najma Namri) who has appeared in the recent season of Money History. After the fourth episode, many realized that they were able to connect with Berlin’s ex-wife Tatiana (Diana Gomez), who may be the same person. Everything you need to know about the concept, and why it is now eliminated by the audience.

Is Alicia Sierra Really a Tatiana in money Heist?

The concept of Sierra and Tatiana is that both characters can become the same person after being introduced in season four. When Berlin (Pedro Alonso) reintroduces his new girlfriend, Tatyana, the audience will remember how police detectives came to be. Fans of the show admitted that Tatiana would play a major role in the lake, as Tatiana was a thief and was told about the plan on a Spanish bank.

Money Heist Season 5 cast

This episode convinced some fans that this could be the case, and the resemblance between the two characters is convincing. This is mainly because they are red-headed for both reasons and any physical changes are explained by a difference of five years. In season four, the concept has become more apparent when referring to serial was in words because of her dead husband. The character was called Germany, which immediately convinced fans that he could communicate with Berlin.

Fan Dennathorne no German word for the Spanish language has been revealed that German tab. Before announcing the country, he wrote: “Germany is a name given to him in Spanish.”

This is not the only evidence that Tatiana and Sierra are not the same people in the theatre. In addition, Nazma Nimri and Diana Gomez play the role of Titania in a series of different roles The other fan also described how the Sierra Lisbon (Itziar Itnu) police training, so he had to know the truth because there was no time limit.


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