Taboo Season 2: All News about Cast, Storyline and Release date


Taboo is a BBC television political based historical crime series that is made by hardy son & baker and Scott free London. The story is based on the life of James Delaney, who returns from home in Africa to attend the funeral of his father. The series shows the dark and negative side of the 19th century of London. This series collected mixed reviews because of its history but gathered so much praise due to its visualization, storyline, and performance of hardy. He returns and believes that he irked about death’s father and decided to start his investigation of the suspicious death of his father’s death. Moreover, he also tries to reclaim the pride of his family.

Taboo Season 2 trailer

Here you will know everything about taboo season 2, so let’s start.

Taboo season 2 release date

The first season of taboo was released in 2017, and after that, the shooting of next season was going to start in 2018. But due to some unknown reasons, the shooting has been rescheduled and pushed back to 2019. The composing part was done, and we could anticipate shooting to start in 2020. But due to COVID 19 outbreak, the shooting is under halt so that we don’t have much detail about the releasing date. When the pandemic will stop and date announce, we will inform you.

Taboo Season 2 show

Taboo season 2: plot

The series shows the time of 1814 England, and the first season ended with James and his friend sailing back to America. But we can assume that the plot will be good. However, the producer and director have not announced any detail about the plot, teaser, and official picture. We just need to wait patiently for releasing its trailer.

Taboo season 2: cast

Taboo Season 2 cast

The cast of the second season will be the same because no one can make better justice compare to tom hardy. Along with him, several previous cast members will return, for instance, as Oona Chaplin plays a role as Zilpha, Leo bill as Benjamin. Some other actors will also come like Jefferson hall as a throne, Jessie Buckley will see as Lorna, and so on.

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