Artemis Fowl: Informations At Your Fingertips

Are you a movie lover and love to watch thriller movies than a romantic one, you can definitely watch Artemis Fowl once. The movie has been released on the online platform already, and it is a drama that can be enjoyed with your family. In this pandemic situation, cherish your mind, you can definitely go for watching this movie on your mobile phone and have a great movie date with your family.

Artemis Fowl cast

Release date:

The movie has already been published in the online platform, the release date for the movie is 12th June 2020. So, until now, most of the people have already watched this movie, hurry up to see the latest one as it’s been a long time since the movie’s release date. So, visit the movie before everyone watches it.


The movie has been based on the story of a 12 years old boy, who is a genius and also a fighter against the mastermind of criminals. The movie IWC big pilot has been made as per the basis of the whole story of their fight.


This movie contains an amazing star cast. The amazing star cast has made the movie extraordinary than others. Here in the movie, the Ferdia Shaw will play the leading role of the movie, which is Artemis fowl II. Judi Dench will play the role of commander in this movie. The character of Holly Short will be played by Lara Mcdonell here. Mulch diggums’s role will be played by Josh gad here. Another famous Hollywood actor named Nonso Anozle, is also going to play an important role in the movie. Besides that, Tamara smart, Miranda raison, Nikesh patel, Hong chau, Josua McGuire, Adrian scarborough, Conor macneill as well as Hanna flynn will play some other roles in the movie. Colin farell is also present in the movie as Artemis fowl .

Sum It up

The movie has been directed by Kenneth Branagh, and the film is produced by Kenneth Branagh and Judy Hofflund. According to the reviews posted on Google, it is seen that almost% of google users like the movie. The thrilling sequence, action, and the uniqueness of the story have made it unique.

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