Black Adam: All The Latest News On Its Production, Release Date, Story, And More


DC Comic 2019 Shazam! Enjoy the fans with fun and action. We have renewed our faith in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). However, the film did not show what everyone expected. don’t worry! Dwayne Johnson, The Black Adam and The Rock are ready for Shazam’s hardcore bond!

adam black cast

About adam black

Black Adam is one of the most mentioned villains in Shazam’s history. This is an example of street culture. For example, the same dress for the Shazam dress and the black skirt shows that they are part of the world, but they are still different. Black is an older version of Adam Shazam (later known as Captain Marvel). The hungry black Adam turns into a corrupt creature.

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A film about black adam

The strategy to introduce the film to Black Adam was launched in 2001. It was released in 2008. Dwayne Johnson has been involved in his career for many years. Kala Adam may also be in the film Shazam! However, the creators decided to give the image a black Adam and consider it a sham. Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will play the role of Black Adam in the upcoming film.

Weirdly, Johnson said of Black Adam, “a rebel, one of the most powerful, who always does it for his people.” In contrast, the Black Adam character is called an antihero.

Release Date:

Black Adam was released on 22nd. On the other hand, the film’s delay was caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. DC did not make any changes to the day of its arrival and the film’s director, currently, is Jaime Collette-Serra. Black Adam joins Batman (directed by Robert Pattinson) (June 2021) and James Gun’s Suicide Squad (August 2021). Flash may also join the DC Super League with his film, which he himself was.

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Adam black cast

“Black Adam” is referred to as “The Rock” in search of the character and Dwayne Johnson’s main character will be the climax of the film Black Adam. The cast of the film Kaala Adam is said to have not been released yet.

Black adam plot

The DC comic may inspire a Black Adam film. As a result, Black Adam becomes Kardak’s expense. He was chosen by the rebel Shazam and gave him all the powers of magic. Shazam, who asked him to give Adam extraordinary powers from 6 religions, intervened.


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