Netflix’s The House Of Flowers: What’s The Update On Its Renewal For A Season 4?


The third season of Flowers / La Casa de Los Flores was released on Netflix on Wednesday, April 23, and the Mexican black comedy follows its series.

The House Of Flowers cast

Will this flower house be renovated for another season?

Unfortunately, this is the last show of season three of the Mexican black comedy. The show’s cancellation date is 2018 when Netflix renewed the show for the second, third, and last series. It’s surprising that he was exiled to the Fool House because his highest IMDB score was 7.7 / 10. TV director Manalo Caro recalled that the show would always end in the third edition. However, information is available for flower lovers. Caro is pleased to announce that after signing a four-year contract with Netflix, several new Mexican contracts have been signed for the streaming service.

The House Of Flowers show

Season 4 release date of House Flower on Netflix: will the season be extended?

Caro said to Radio Entertainment today, “We remember that this is the end. We feel that things are going well from the start. There will be three seasons. We believe that this is a good number because other articles are coming. More opportunities. “The show has started, I can say that we are very grateful for the public reaction. People react very positively and enjoy the third. This is a season that occurs on the nose. It’s focused and we’re ready to see where it goes.

As Caro reminded in “The Show” and the last third episode: “What impresses you the most is the nose: these are the characters that you love the most at the end of your story.” You will also see how often the life cycle is full and the main cycle of the De La Mora family ends. “”

The House Of Flowers trailer

Commenting on the new series: “I liked the character of Christian Chavez Patricio, a new character. He is my favourite because of the changing society and the oppression of the gay community. You will see how the LGBTQ community did not harm Virginia and how his Attitudes have changed over the years. He is an amazing character and people feel that Patricio has told us important things like atrocities and how the human mind is changing today. “


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