Osmosis: Will The French Series Return For A Season 2? Know Here


In the world of osmosis, people can use technology to produce their souls. Read on to find out what this world has to offer.

What about the show?

Osmosis, created by Audrey Fouche, is a French science series. The story focuses on two men, Esther and Paul, who work on a high-tech development tool that determines how people live together. Given the test results and the misaligned results with misaligned AI, the technology feels and sounds simple. As the show shows, technology is not the problem, but humanity. Set recently saw a new dating app exploring the depths of romance in Paris, a sci-fic fiction drama called “Osmosis”. Brain data for an Ultimate if you decide who you like with an algorithm that can penetrate your powerful mind and the secrets of your secrets?

osmosis season 2 cast

Netflix announced its first season on March 29, 2019, with eight episodes of eight episodes. The osmosis stars Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer, Stepney Pitti, Gaell Kamilindi, Suzen Raul-Balet, Lune Silva, Manoel Dupont and Yuming Hey.

What the critic says

The independent author and film critic told Detective: “Osmosis” is always a visual, well-played, and fascinating set of philosophical subheadings. ”

“The structure of the world is strong, thoughtful and visual, and Esther-Paul’s sister-in-law has amazing skills.”

osmosis season 2 banner

Is osmosis due to renovations?

May On January 17, 2020, Netflix cancelled the series for one season. Unfortunately, there is no horizontal season 2 for osmosis.

Check out the Osmosis trailer

And there are many scenes that were deleted and later filmed, and fans hope for the latter. Hope there, look forward to updates on new films and TV tabs.


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