Death Note: Is It Renewed For A Season 2 By Netflix?


Demise Note is a powerful Western tab. May From October 3, 2006, to June 26, 2007, the exhibition in Japan was held in October. May Netflix premiered in the Japanese series on August 24, 2017. , It’s still a lion’s share. All the fans of the planet are referring to the season. they said. The fans are thinking about a great number of concepts.

Death Note Season 2 cast

When will Season 2 be released?

Death Note does not appear to be airborne for a second time. The first season ended on the previous note, and the 37 episodes contained everything that is part of the manga outside the region. Similarly, the maker Madi did not make any specific statements about the season in the long run. So it’s a little harder to reconnect with the second season.

It comes to the second great distance to appear. Thirteen years have passed since the first season. There are some ongoing adjustments to this manga series that examine animation.
You can count on reuniting for season 2 in the event that all working characters will happen at any time. The edge of town is below.

Light Yagami
Misa Amane
L Lawliet
George Sairas
Teru Mikam
David Hoppe,
Sayu Yagami

Sachiko YagamiStory Details for Part II

The show is a high school student with a life of skill, but Prakash Yagami is tired. Death Note, another admirable book will find anyone else who wrote it.

This opens the door to the saving of the universe around you. In Prakash, which is acceptable, however, things change when the intensity of the advertisement passes. He is followed by investigator L, the rat who is responsible for analyzing the paragraphs. Death Note Season 2

Death Note Season 2

Prepare death note 2 for a nail-biting and nausea-breathing moment. At the same time, since the release of the manna, Anime watchers have been eager to know about Season 2 and have been queuing up for some good news. Do you know whether the light is back or not?

To make the storyline unique and exciting, new roles have been added in Shinigami’s character to keep the audience excited.

Minima Tanaka plays the role of the opposition to Yagami.


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