Love Victor Season 2:Release date, About storyline and essential information


After the brought success of Victor 1, which was filled with the love story of Victor. After the wrapping up of the first part, the officials have declared that the next part of the series is coming soon. In the first part, the series ended when Victor came to New York. Still, he is pursuing the same fillings for his crush fenzi. The second part of the story will start the self-discovery of a person while in love.



The storyline of the series is based on when the first part ended. In the last part of the Vector, Victor was coming to New York with his friends. It is the journey of self-discovery while in love. Like the first part, it can be said that the second part will also describe the challenges that will be faced by Victor while chasing his passion. So, the plot and the storyline will remain almost the same for this time too. According to the declaration of the team, the confusion about the storyline, as well as the plot, will be the same.

Release Date

The release date of the series has been postponed due to this pandemic situation. The shooting process, as well as the release date of the story, is delayed. So, the viewers of the show have to wait for some time in order to view their favorite series. When the pandemic situation gets over, the viewers will be able to see their beloved show also.


According to the latest news, the cast will remain the same in this season, there will be some new characters coming up in this part, but their appearance portion is in suspense.

Final Thoughts

According to the officials, Victor 2 will be more attractive and exciting than the first season, and the views will be increasing in this part also. Now, it is the waiting time for the pandemic situation to get over; after that, there will be a new beginning of the life of the Victor will be started and how he will discover himself in the journey of love.


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