13 season why: So Will We Get The Spin-off For This Series, Here’s Every Possibility


13 Reasons Why Netflix is ​​ending on Friday, June 5, but it probably won’t be the last time fans will see Liberal High students. According to Star Dylan Minnette, one of the 13 reasons why driving may occur. The actress predicted the possibility of a new interview last Thursday 4 June – though she is not sure what role she will play in a new show.

13 season why cast

I know she has no clue how many spins she can get for 13 reasons, and she does not rule out that it could happen at some point along the way. “Oh, man! I can’t even imagine what could happen, but I have no idea.” Asked if he would be ready to play Clay again, he hinted about the final season, ” Will Clay Jensen be around? Who knows? Don’t know. ”

The comment prompted the reporter to ask, “Is he the one who is dying?” They didn’t really let anything slide. “I don’t know, I forgot, I can’t remember the script anymore,” he laughs. “It’s too long.” Okay, so it’s not a direct sign, but Clay adds some legitimacy to the concept of killing his life or dying in season 5.

13 season why show

Despite that dark concept, Minnette has promised fans that it will be a satisfying end to Chelsea last season. “Everyone wanted to be Clay, he wanted to be a hero and this scene and the scene once again failed in the show,” I think Clay would count for some. I think it would be nice to find out and see everything wrapped up in the end.

Want real evidence that the soil won’t die in the end? Mayne also said that the show has a “positive message” and that “everyone feels full and high.” It looks like a great foundation for the spin-off


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