Hanna Season 3: Will The Thriller Series Ever Return For Us, Know Everything Here


While we still have no official word on whether Amazon’s Star Spy series will be the third season of Hanna, we think she is a character. The show got off to a good start and has only gotten better, expanding its scope in Season 2 to make it more of an ensemble cast than its first season, while still giving us the next in Hanna’s story Chapter is giving. Dawn of Geek had a chance to talk to some of Hanna’s cast before the release of Season 2 so that they would get a Season 3. in terms of what they would like to see for their characters in the future. they told us.

Hanna Season 2 cast

While Esme Creed-Miles, who plays the protagonist Hana, had no specific request for season 3, she wants to see her character return to the jungle at some point, saying, I mean how challenging it is to shoot in the desert, I definitely feel an affinity for it and love who it is. I really I honestly can’t imagine him being really happy anywhere else. ”

As we learned in the first season, Hanna grew up in the Polish desert, spending her first 16 years alone with her father Eric. While Hannah was desperate to learn about a world she never knew and eventually left, it was told that Hannah had taken Clara to the wilderness to keep her safe and that she had him. The rest seemed more than happy to spend the day. Therewith Clara.

Hanna Season 2 show

“We’re always curious about our origin story. And of course, the show is about Hanna, but if there’s any time in season three to talk about her origin story, I think it would be very interesting Because this story moves forward whatever its trajectory. Eric’s trajectory, he sacrificed his life for Hannah and we could see where it came from. And anyway selfish, I’d love to know what drives it. is.

This will be an attractive feature of season 3. Although we know a few things about Marissa’s past, we do know that she was training with Carmichael and that she was very much devoted to the cause of UNEX when Hannah was a child, many people still know about her Huh. This character and where it came from.


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