Stateless: Know Will It Going To Arrive On Netflix And Other Details


Netflix launched and seized global rights outside Australia in the drama series Stateless Refugee, starring Cate Blanchett and produced by the authorities, following its world premiere in Berlin this week. The show is believed to have been acquired directly for the stage. Stateless is produced by Matchbox Pictures, with Blanchett and Andrew Upton’s production banner Dirty Films.

Stateless bannber

About Story

An occasional story of five years in development, the series follows four people trapped in an immigration system that severely affects their lives, and each character faces issues related to border security and control in a different way. In particular, Australia has a worrying record about dealing with immigration and refugees seeking to enter the country.

The show’s central quartet includes a hostess away from a cult; An Afghan refugee wants a new life with his wife and two children; Struggling to meet a young father of three children, And an aspiring bureaucrat caught between professional ambitions and a national scandal. All four live in an immigration detention centre in the middle of the desert.

Arrive on Netflix

The show was co-produced by Blanchett, Tony Eyres and Eilis Macready, who know each other from school and university, and their co-stars Yvonne Strowski, Dominic West, Jay Courtney, Asher Heidi (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Faizal Bajazzi (The Merger) and debutant actress Soraya Hydari.

Blanchett, Ares and McCready said, “Stateless has been a labour of love for many years and we couldn’t be more excited for it to reach an international audience on Netflix. The issues addressed in the series have universal resonance, but cover it Has been done. Quietly and sloppy with fear and misinformation.

Alastair McKinnon, managing director of Match star Pictures, says: “Stateless is a dramatic series that exploits one of the greatest socio-political issues of our time, and Netflix, with its unrivalled global reach, takes on this fantastic series Is the right platform. World. ” Stateless received production investment from Screen Australia and ABC and is funded with the support of the South Australian Film Corporation.


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