The Good Fight Season 5: Here’s What The Creators Revealed About Its Release


Due to the current threat to the coronavirus’s health, production was halted. As a result, many upcoming titles released this year have been cancelled or postponed. This includes CBS “The Good Fight”. However, fans still look forward to the recent announcement from the network.

The Good Fight  cast

Good fight season 4 cut short

The Good Fight is one of the most loved and critically acclaimed original series on CBS All Access. Apparently, the show has not only attracted many viewers but has also received a positive response from critics and fans. Unfortunately, eight to ten episodes of the series have been cancelled for the fourth season.

CBS All Access has shared that the current season will be shortened to just seven episodes due to production stops. Initially, the fourth season was expected to have 10 episodes, but a sudden pause related to the mid-March pandemic prompted producers Robert and Michelle King to rethink their plans.

The Good Fight  show

The Good Fight was renewed for season 5

However, the announcement of CBS All Access is not just bad news for fans. This is because the service has also revealed that The Good Fight will return for the fifth instalment. Also, the story that has not aired in the fourth season will appear in the next season. Shornner King shared his excitement and then revealed:

Plot, Cast, Release Date and Trailer

According to Christine Baranski, one of the actors of The Good Fight, the deadly disease that will harm the world at this time will be part of the story of the next season. The actress said:

With this statement, it is certain that Baranski will surprise his role again for the fifth season. Additionally, Kush Jumbo, Nyambi Nyambi, Delroy Lindo, Audra Mcdonald, Sarah Steele, Michael Boatman, Zac Granier, John LaRouquet, and Hugh Dancy are also expected to return.

No official announcement has been made about the fifth season’s release date, nor have any previews been released.


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