Venom 2: Plot? Cast? And Release Date Updates


Andy Serkis is all set to bring Venom 2, and we have updates about it. The movie has a huge following, and fans are excited to get the details on the same. The first movie was a big hit, and if we see the global collection, it grossed a whopping $850M. So this is indeed a big collection, and we are expecting the second part to do even better. Let’s see the details on the upcoming Venom: Let there be carnage.

Do we have the release date of Venom 2?

Yup, the delayed date is 25th June 2021. The movie was originally expected to hit the screens on 2nd October 2020, but there was some delay. And we all know the suspension was for obvious reasons and this is something which is going to tease fans. As they were expecting an early release as the movie started, it was the production process back in January 2019. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the annual calendar for all the production houses. This isn’t something that has a partial effect; instead, it has encompassed all the industries. So the delay was inevitable in every possible scenario, and the movie is further pushed ahead by almost a year.

Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage release date, cast and more
Source: Digital Spy

Earlier it was estimated that the movie would complete the filming process by April 2020, but this time around, the delay is more prolonged than anyone of us would have thought.

Thoughts on the teaser of Venom: Let there be carnage

Well, it was heartbreaking for the fans to get only a teaser after such a long wait. And the teaser also disappointed the fans as it didn’t show anything. The only thing one can ascertain from the trailer is its name Venom: Let there be carnage. So what’s the point in releasing the teaser? But the trailer would have been out if there wasn’t something like COVID-19 pandemic.

So it is disappointing in the sense that a trailer would have at least given a sense about the movie, but a teaser with the name of a movie was of no use at all. Although there was a flurry of speculations doing the rounds on the internet and this is something which accentuated the expectations. But as of now, we don’t have a trailer, so the only thing we can expect in the upcoming month is a trailer.

Once the trailer is out, we will update the page with the details on the trailer.

The cast of Venom: Let there be carnage

In this section, we can only state the inevitable as Tom Hardy will be reprising his role as Eddie Brock. So there is nothing new as we all know that he will be the one playing Eddie’s character in the movie. As far as Michelle Williams is concerned, she will be there too. As far as a new addition is concerned, we don’t have an official confirmation, but Naomie Harris will be joining the movie in the role of Villain, Shrek.


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