Taboo Season 2: Is It Renewed? Get To Know All The Future Possibilities


All Tom Hardy fans can breathe a sigh of relief! The actor will return for another season of Tabu. After much speculation and rumours, the BBC show will finally return, and we can’t wait! Everything we know about Taboo Season 2.

Taboo Season 2 cast

Taboo Season 2 Renewal

Believe it or not, Taboo was renewed in 2017 for a second season. Yes! No kidding, producer Steven Knight also confirms this in an interview. Along with excellent news, Knight also promised that he would be turning to season 2. So we can rest easy now that we know Tom Hardy will return. So even though the weather is slow, we can expect season 3 in the future as well.

Taboo Season 2 trailer

Taboo Season 2 Plot

Steven Knight gives very little information when Taboo talks about season 2. We know at the end of season 1 that James and his colleagues are sailing to America. Knight says that in the West of the characters, the show will become more alcoholic, more opium-based. Now, isn’t that something we would all like to see? Knight also says that he has some explosive items for the upcoming season. However, he refrains from giving too much. Tom Hardy also gives curious clues about season 2. This gives a subtle clue that Season 2 will deal with the American spy network “Colonnade”.

Taboo Season 2 release date

Well, now that we know that Season 2 was always planned. Why hasn’t it arrived yet? Well, the reason for this is that the director and Tom Hardy are busy with many other projects. While Kight is busy with Peaky Blinds, Hardy is also working on Venom 2, A Christmas Carol, etc.

Taboo Season 2 show

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic now likely shooting back and forth, a second season may not come this year. We can only watch Taboo Season 2 sometime at the end of 2020 if we are lucky or not in 2021. However, the director, producer, and Tom Hardy are very passionate about the show themselves and doing their best. To return as soon as possible. Take a deep breath; Tom Hardy will return.


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