Candyman: Plot Of The Upcoming Horror Film Explained In Detail


If production comes under the name of Jordan Peele, the first thing we can do is start to tremble, because it is surely a film that will make us scream in fear in the cinema, as its next production will do, the remake of the famous horror movie Candyman.

Although the crisis caused by the coronavirus has caused the studios to have to rethink their entire release schedule, the remake of Candyman continues to maintain its arrival in theatres on September 25 and to remind us of what is to come, Universal has released a terrifying new teaser for the film directed by Nia DaCosta.

Candyman cast

The video begins with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, whom we have been able to see in Aquaman and the HBO Watchmen, asking who Candyman is, while in the reply different images about puppets follow one another that explains the story about this being that terrifies the neighbours. from a Chicago neighbourhood. In addition to this new teaser, Universal has also released the full synopsis for the remake.

Candyman show

“While they may remember, Chicago neighbourhood residents live in Cabrini Green with the terrifying story of a supernatural killer with a killer in nature that makes the news great. One of Carbini’s former neighbours who will tell the terrifying story behind the Candyman legend. ”

Candyman argument: what will happen in the sequel?

When the film was announced in 2018, Jordan Peele called the original 1992 film a “spiritual sequel”.

“The original was a reference film for a black representation of the horror genre,” Peel said. Having a brave new talent like Nia is really exciting at the head of this project. It’s an honour to bring to life the next chapter of Candyman’s canon and the new public legend of Clive Barker trying to offer. “


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