Dating Around Season 3: Has It Given The Renewal Approval For The Third Run? Know Other Updates


Netflix has relied on the unique concept of Dating Around and will probably launch its Season 3 next year. Where will it be filmed next?

Netflix recently released dating around season 2, and like many fans, we consider the series to be authentic, diverse and reliable. This dating reality show was filled with six super enjoyable episodes that ran between 25 and 30 minutes each. If you love its warm climate, then you should ask yourself whether the streaming platform will introduce a new season. So, let’s find out together!

Dating Around Season 3 cast

Unlike other dating reality shows that stream Netflix, this person does not have any manipulative competition, rules, or confections. We like the fact that the series is not as dramatic as other dating shows such as Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. It has a group of ordinary-looking people who are searching for their true love. They go on five blind dates (apparently in one night) and eventually choose their favourite for a second date. The first season was launched on February 14, 2019. Although it was not praised as expected (or worthy), the series was renewed for another season.

The previous season was filmed in October last year and fortunately, it has garnered a lot more attention than the first season. He has positive reviews and has successfully built a fan base for himself. While we don’t have an official statement from the platform, we are sure that there will be a season 3 around dating in which Netflix’s head of unscripted programming Brandon Reig also likes his contemporary concept. He already told Vulture in an interview: “We love the new approach that came with the producers when they introduced the concept to us.”

Dating Around Season 3 show

Production of the series has yet to begin due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we believe that season 3 is expected to come out in 2021. For its cast members, it changes with each new season. So we will definitely see six new faces, whose backgrounds will be different. Just as the previous season was a mix of different celebrities such as the fanged Ben, the fierce Deva, and the confident demi, the next season will also feature quiet, honest and effortlessly relatable solo songs.

We believe that casting will take place only after the venue finals. New York had a backdrop for the first season, and the cast members were drawn from the same city, as was the second season, where everyone in New Orleans was. Our best guess is that the next season will be filmed in Saavn, Memphis, or Nashville because these are the most romantic cities in the United States and they have truly stunning breathtaking scenes that would be useful for cinematography. it’s not like that?


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