Spenser Confidential 2: Did Netflix Developing A Sequel For Action Film?


Mark Wahlberg’s forest in the original Netflix films Spencer Confidential was extremely popular when it came to subscription service during the quarantine. Just one hop, one hop and one hop later, the actor is in talks for another Netflix film, but surprisingly, we’re not talking about Spencer Confidential 2.

Instead, it emerged this week that Mark Wahlberg is in talks to appear in the Netflix film Our Man in New Jersey. The film will take him on a path that many, many actors have gone before, as the movie is described as a detective film with Weilberg as a blue-necked character, but still possesses detective skills.

Spenser Confidential 2

According to Variety, if he moves on, Mark Wahlberg will not only work with Netflix again but with Stephen Levinson. Levinson considered for this story after working with Vallberg on Spanner Confidential. Both people will also build the next project.

Apparently the project is still at an early stage, although it seems that David Guggenheim might write the script, but what I find most interesting about the news is that it is not an advertisement for Spencer Confidential 2.

The film has an exciting cast, including Mark Wahlberg, but also Netflix regulars Winston Duke, Alan Arkin and Ilyssa Schlesinger. Criticism in the film was average, but people have been digging a lot to be in the top 10 trends on Netflix for a long time. I also wonder that since Peter Berg and Valberg enjoy working together (see Deepwater Horizon, Lone Survivor, etc.).

Spenser Confidential 2 cast

Look, that doesn’t mean that Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg won’t eventually join Spencer Confidential 2. Eventually, the films are set for a sequel during their final moments when Spencer and the gang are roaming a restaurant. And there has been an arrest in the city.

He is set for a sequel, and likely has a hunger for a sequel, but it’s worth noting that Peter Berg will join television miniseries Painkiller, which was also produced on Netflix and performed alongside Eric Newman, Narcos Shoestner Will go.


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