The Sandman: What’s The Production Status And Release Date For The Upcoming Netflix Series?


Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” comic is preparing to be released on Netflix, and before this happens he could have a crossover in the series “Locke & Key” on the streaming platform.

Many producers have seen that the public likes to see encounters of characters from different series or movies share their universe, before this, it has been revealed that the Netflix series “Locke & Key” could have a crossover with the series “The Sandman”, and even with “Lucifer”.

The Sandman

According to the, We Got This Covered portal, “The Sandman”, the comic series written by Neil Gaiman that belongs to DC Comics published between 1988 and 1996, before his debut on the Netflix platform would have a crossover with “Locke & Key “sometime after the first season.

Since the “The Sandman” comics ended there have been rumours of a live adaptation, however, nothing has happened so far with Netflix. The streaming platform along with Neil Gaiman, the writer of the comics, will adapt the story so that it stays true to the books.

The Sandman cast

According to We Got This Covered sources, the producers are planning to have the “sandman” intersect with the series “Locke & Key” sometime after the first season, which would be unprecedented. ”

Expected Release Date

In October 2020, “Locke & Key: Hell & Gone,” a crossover from the DC Comics / IDW Sandman universe written by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, will be released. In a promotional image of the comic, it shows that the “Key of hell” is involved, same that played an important role in Season of Mists, when Lucifer renounces hell and gives Morpheus the key.

The Sandman

This could indicate that a crossover could also happen with “Lucifer”, a Netflix series. If this same key is at stake in “Locke & Key”, then it suggests that there are devilish forces.

However, due to the pandemic situation of the new coronavirus, the recording of The Sandman is on pause and still does not have an expected release date on the Netflix platform.


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