In The Dark Season 3: Check The New Updates On Its Renewal, Air Date, And More


She is a blind woman in her 20s who is affected in her life. When his only friend was mysteriously murdered, he had a new purpose in life … Detective! Not everyone may like it in the dark, but the show provides laughter and emotions for many viewers. Season 2 has just ended in The CW, but fans are already wondering if the series will make a comeback.

In The Dark Season 3

Will there be season 3?

The good news for fans of In the Dark is that The CW has officially relaunched the TV series for the third season. The announcement came back in January 2020 as The Flash, Riverdale and Supergirl, along with the renovation of The CW. At the time of writing, In the Dark 2 season has an average rating of 0.09 with 426,000 viewers – down 45% and 33% respectively from the first half.

In The Dark Season 3 cast

If these numbers don’t make a big improvement, then we see the CW show cancel after the release of season 3, or at least that the writers will end it. We will keep you updated with more information about the future of In the Dark when things are confirmed.

Possible change date

Although the show has been renewed for a third season, we have not confirmed the release date. We can predict the release date based on the schedule of previous releases. Season 1 and season 2 premiered in April (2019 and 2020), meaning that the release date of the April 3, 2021 season matters the most. However, there is a possibility that the next production will have a major impact on the coronavirus Pandemic. Fortunately, the show was filmed in Toronto, Canada, as it is showing lower rates of new infections.

Our optimistic forecast for the release of season 3 may be April 2021, but a more realistic estimate would be June 2021.


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