The Forever Purge: Universal Delayed The Release Of The Horror Movie


Universal Pictures has set a new release date for Forever Purge, the fifth and final episode of Fear of Release. Once upon a time, forever crowned Released in July 2020 (this month, for example!). Universal has decided to return from the theatre permanently in May, which is great because you shouldn’t be ready for another Purge movie this year.

The Forever Purge cast

Forever Purge On July 9, 2021, Universal always lost. The 2021 release date for the film The Fifth Purge came to rest with Candyman, as well as news of delays in the release of Hello Kills and Halloween Ends. Although Universal did not give any clear reason for the delay in release dates, I am sure it is because the continual COVID-19 epidemic and the danger of opening theatres worldwide are increasing the spread of the virus. In the case of The Forever Purge, the delay in release date is particularly good, I don’t think any human living between the 2020 cartoons would be able to handle another Purge film.

The Forever Purge cast

The news about The Forever Purge is an important one, as all systems of the project go back to May 2019 when director Everardo Gout (of Grace) directed the film (via Variety). A delay in release means it will likely see new photos and probably get as many as two or more by the end of 2020, but it is likely in early 2021. The details of the forever purge plot are unknown. However, we know that this franchise was played by James Damonco’s founder and Josh Lucas, Cassidy Freeman, Leven Rambin and Will Patton.

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