Anaconda Reboot: Check The Details We Know So Far For A New Film


Sony’s Columbia Pictures has announced plans to resume the 1997 horror adventure. Below follows a group of documentaries that will become the prey of an illiterate snake hunter and a giant prey. The original film featured a role by Ice Cube, John Voight, Eric Stoltz, Jonathan Hyde, Owen Wilson, Kari Wuhrer and Jennifer Lopez, helping to bolster the singer’s big-screen career at the peak of Selena’s success.

The creature’s role is still in the early stages of development and no producers have been retained, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Evan Betery has been hired to write the script. The screenwriter has worked on major teenage rebels over the past decade, from the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the 2018 Tomb Raider.

Anaconda Reboot cast

The announcement of the Reconciliation maybe for those who remember the uproar over the release of Anaconda nearly two decades ago. When the film hit theatres, the fiercely critical response – now based on the B40’s Tomatometer unfortunate evaluation – seemed to surprise its box office performance. The big snake thriller also garnered six Razi Award nominations (the worst for star duo John Voight and Anaconda). Despite being an enemy of severe repression, the film grossed $ 136 million worldwide on a $ 45 million budget, creating a two-decade franchise. Insiders talking only about THR said that “the title has been the most profitable in Sony’s library” because B movies about giant killer snakes can be fun.

What is the plot Anaconda Reboot?

The 1997 film followed a documentary crew directed by director Terry Floors (Jennifer Lopez), who watches films of a native tribe lost in the river. While they were exploring, Paul met Cerone (John Voight) in front of the snake hunter and agreed to join him when he thought he would help explore the subjects of the documentary. After saving the life of one of his crew and commanding the ship, they discover that Cerrone was not. Forced to hunt the giant anaconda, the group must fight to the death with their prey.

Working very well on a script, which can be used very well through multiple reviews; There is no casting schedule in public, let alone a film debut. Very little is missing from this writing.

Anaconda Reboot trailer

With Sony supposedly aiming for a summer version (which is a very safe assumption), we probably think that the flick is not making its way into theatres until at least 2022. Pre and post-production with special effects such as Anaconda can last approximately six months, and principal photography is usually completed for three or four months.

So our best and most optimistic approach is in the summer of 2022. We recommend that you bookmark this page, as we will continue to speed up the project and we will regularly update this post with notable news about the remains of the Anaconda flowing into the river.


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