Katy Perry Chose Jennifer Aniston As Her Daughter’s Godmother


Katy Perry hopes to give birth to her first child with husband and wife Orlando Bloom in the coming weeks. And it turns out that the likes of 35-year-old pop star and 43-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston are not for anyone else. “Jennifer] is very excited and screaming when asked,” a source about the trio said in an interview released on Saturday. According to sources, Katy and Orlando said that the 51-year-old actress was topped the list of potential sponsors and asked to play the role.

Katy Perry Chose Jennifer

Aniston gave Katy a lot of emotion during her pregnancy and showed her commitment to her growing family. ‘Katy and Jane are very close. In the closet, they left for social areas and spent a lot of time capturing them, ”the prisoner said. Not only has Katy and Jennifer been linked to a friendship of nearly ten years, but their romantic life has also been going on for the last few years. In early 2008, Aniston had a brief date with Perry’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer. They had an uninterrupted relationship between 2012 and 2015.

Perry found her at the Golden Globes party in January 2016 with her Orlando Bloom and they were soon born. The pair ended the relationship in 2017, but they were together again in April the following year After shooting the American statue in Los Angeles, Orlando suggested it to Katy on Valentine’s Day. Perry will release his fifth studio album Smile in August.

Katy Perry Chose Jennifer Aniston

This week, the Teenage Dream singer announced her pregnancy to fans, hoping to promote the album. “I act like a duck! I breathe, I breathe fully,” Katy admitted as she made a radio call to the UK on Friday morning. It is very high and disgusting. I eat as much flavoured ice cream as I have in my mouth. ‘ Katie and Orlando find out that they were expecting a daughter at a gendered show held at their home in April.


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