Wolfman: Leigh Whannell Will Direct The Upcoming Ryan Gosling Horror Film


Okay, yes, you are terrible friends, we are getting too much news for terrible things and this time it may be the best. The upgrade and The Invisible Man assistant Leah Whannell will direct Ryan Gosling for Universal’s upcoming Wolfman remake.

Wolfman cast

The report states that Universal has put Wolfman on the fast track with Blowhouse Studios’ heavyweight Jason Blum, to co-produce with Gosling. Varnell will write the treatment for the film along with Lauren Schucker Blum and Rebecca Angelo (Orange Is the New Black).

He has a regular contribution to Wennel Blumhouse. It stars the insidious franchise (and directs the third part). Their passion for the upgrade project was shared by Blumhouse Tilt (a follow-up to the TV series of works), and most recently, Whitnell, Blumhouse, and Universal made an agreement to update Wannell’s The Invisible Man. The film grossed $ 124 million worldwide with a budget of $ 7 million. After the disappearance of the so-called Dark Universe, the Universal Monsters franchise was once again placed in a new direction without any fear centre.

Wolfman banner

Whitnell has his first film and television deal at Blumhouse, and reports say that when Whitnell and Gosling wanted to work together for a while, filmmakers were initially reluctant to handle the film until Blomhouse and Schucker Blum. Unless they were encouraged to reflect. And you certainly can’t blame Whannell and then something to update your invisible man. On that note, after watching a performance created by him and Elizabeth Moss, I can’t wait to see what he and Gosling can prepare for.

Blumhouse is also developing a new innovation for The Invitation with Dracula and Karyn Kusama, the body director for Jennifer, writing scripts for their regular collaborators Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.


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